The Truth about CLO2

The information is intended to clarify misinformation and controversy surrounding CLO2 otherwise known as Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS). Crown Wellness feels a deep responsibility to provide this information to you as we want to be part of the discussion within the healing community.

Let’s start with a simple question, why are you considering taking CLO2? Chances are you have not felt like yourself for a while now and decided something must change. This is reasonable. however, when doing research, you may have come across some negative stories around the use of CLO2. There are claims it’s making people sick and killing small children. Let’s peel back the onion and ask the tough questions, to determine what is the truth and what is the fear? One thing we know for sure, CDS is NOT bleach.

Chlorine Dioxide is a compound composed of a chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms which makes it an oxidant. At Crown Wellness, we believe that CLO2 is absolutely a safe and effective oxidant. Because it is a low-level oxidizer, it targets parasites, fungus, and bacteria. In fact, it performs the very same action when added to water treatment facilities to make the water we all drink safe and germ-free. So why all the fuss about CLO2? Most of us are already drinking it in our water!

Now, it’s true that not all CDS are made the same and so let us explain what makes our CLO2 unique. We use a proprietary blend of Sodium Chlorite (not over 7%) and Sodium Chloride. Here percentages matter, as too much of some things can be harmful but typically when taken as directed can be an important part of a healthy detox.

Crown Wellness formulated our CLO2, so the body’s own Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) activates the solution when it enters the stomach. Therefore, there is no mixing with an activator prior to drinking it and no yellow chlorine taste when consuming. Our clients seem to like the fact that there’s no odor, nor unpleasant taste and it’s clear in color.

Crown Wellness has been selling CLO2 since 2003. We believed in it way back then and most certainly now. We have manufactured tens of thousands of bottles with many thank you for staying in business these days.

That’s the truth.

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