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Thankful for David and these amazing products!

I have been a client of Crown Wellness for 5 years having used the DE, Enzymes, CLO2, Renew Me, BrainOn, Stem Cell B Vitamins, B Vitamins, Multi Vitamins, Parasite Cleanse and ProBiotics. I arrived with major digestion issues and skin problems all over my hands, plus my body was beat up following a long period of being sick. Little by slowly, these products and David’s care and compassion have helped to get back to optimal health. My stomach, my hands, skin, immune system, energy levels. I detoxed and cleansed out a lot of stuff and restored. I continue to use them still on a regular basis and will continue to maintain my health & immunity. David is a super human being, there were times when I was really hurting and he always went out of his way to help me. I will keep referring Crown Wellness to all of my friends & family. Thank you for everything David, God Bless you and your company for all this great work you are doing for people in need and the community 🙏❤️

Jari Vasicko

Couldn’t believe it…

My fiancé had horrible hand pain in her hands nothing helped contacted this company as all western medicine had failed upon taking what was recommended within hours the pain was tolerable looking forward to continued improvement the products are A1 and the customer service is just as great!!

Anthony Figueredo

Love Products Love the People

Changed my life….and the Stem Cell Energetic for the skin amazing

Melanie Rutkin

Brain On!!

I cannot tell you how much this keeps me focused each day! It really does clear my thinking. I use it happily. Lori R.

Lori Renzetti

Chlorine Dioxide (CL02)

This product has helped me tremendously! It clears me from toxins, fungus and yeast. It will help you, too (even if you’re skeptical, like me) Just do it. Lori R.

Lori Renzetti

Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.)- 84% Silica-

Rated out of 5
l.renzetti – October 26, 2018
I use this daily to cleanse the free radicals and yucky stuff from this dirty world. It works by the laws of nature!

Lori Renzetti

Probiotic (50 billion viable units)-

l.renzetti – October 26, 2018
Oooh it’s so good for you! I use every other day, and I feel great!

Lori Renzetti

Amazing- half of my COPD symptoms went away in one week…

Colette – May 13, 2018
I was diagnosed with COPD stage 3….
I was blessed to find a product that worked within one week for me…I started with 5 or 6 product from this company. SUPERB service,I’ve been taking them for about 4 months now. On the first week HALF of my COPD systems went away, talk about making me VERY happy… I will CONTINUE for a long long time to take these products….
E3 RenewMe..Bio Command 4, Diatomaceous Earth powder (DE), Clinic’s choice B complex, E3 Probiotics & Iodine Detoxified.
Thank you so much for helping me gain back some normalcy into my life….and selling good products that work… Colette


Stem Cell Energetics!

You may be skeptical. I was. I was feeling drained of energy, and so sluggish. I turned to David for help. After using this product, I immediately felt a change in my energy. I have been using Stem Cell Energetics for 3 years, and I can tell when I miss a dose. It has saved my quality of life! I recently experienced a very stressful period of time, and this is what kept me going strong for 2 months now! I used it every other day, and was well worth the cost vs. value I received from the energy, stamina and well-being that I received. I no longer have the stress, and can decrease the dosage to twice per week, and feel great. I encourage anyone who is run-down to try this product. I am not paid to say this, it has been my delight to find David, and I trust him immensely. You won’t go wrong with this product.

Lori Renzetti

Long time customer

The health products I have bought from Crown Wellness over the years has contributed tremendously to the well-being of my entire family. Since 2003, I have been a consistent customer of their remarkable supplements and it clearly has contributed to sustained wellness. The results are truly outstanding as it started off with me losing about 25 pounds in the first several months. From there, I have taken various products depending on my health goals. For example, I took the Sugar-ease to assist with my sweet-tooth and the B complex for energy. Over the years, I have adjusted my regiment by adding or subtracting different products as needed. A few things are consistent with me; when possible, I eat organic and raw foods (without being fanatical) and take the E3 Live, DE, Vita Balance, iodine, CL02 and Probiotic daily.

My 12-year old son is a believer in the products too. We VERY rarely get sick, our energy levels are high and overall we just feel terrific.

James C

Truly Blessed

My favorite niece’s boyfriend & my almost nephew! I am so grateful to know Mr. David Black. I get excited every time I talk with him. I enjoy being educated on health & the ability we all have to take control of our bodies. I first tried the stem cell activator product about 5 years ago for a bone on bone pain i had in my big toes that was at times very crippling & affected my ability to teach ballroom dancing, one of my loves. After 2 months of this product i was no longer having any pain. This has lasted ever since, about 5 years! Still dancing!!! No surgeries. Recently I had a need to put the stem cell activator to use again as I had poured gasoline on a pile of brush thinking it was diesel fuel & when I went to light it it blew up in my face burning my arms legs & entire face. 1st & 2nd degree burns. I also used the stem cell face oil. I did not follow the burn clinic specialists recommendation to use polysporin only. ( they were completely against anything alternative) so misinformed doctors r… so on my 7 day follow up the doctors were amazed @ my accelerated recovery. Bandages no longer needed. Face & arms fully healed in 7 days & legs in 14 days. No scarring & no pain throughout. It is truly amazing what the body is capable of. Please people take control of your health care opt for products without side effects. Best wishes to all

David Cooper

Crown Wellness is Awesome !!!

I had fatigue and digestive problems before and after my gall bladder removal. I have been using DE, E3Live Renew Me, E3 Digestive Enzymes, CL O2, Karma Cleanser and Stem Cell on and off for the past year and everytime I stop for a couple of months my body aches and my digestive problems begin. This product is Phenomenal and I strongly recommend it to everyone with or without any health problems. I absolutely Thank you Crown Wellness and David Black for helping me have a better quality of life.

Debbie Villasmil

First Testimonial EVER

I began using Clinic’s Choice products post-surgery and a cancer scare two years ago. Had it not been for my clean and positive results received at follow up doctors’ appointments, I would not have believed it (nor could they!). The RenewMe is amazing ( I have barely suffered a flu or cold for two years). The Fibertox works unbelievably. The Probiotics is the best I’ve ever taken bar-none. Were it not for Crown Wellness I would not be the healthy, whole person I am today. Thank you!

Lisa T.

A holistic approach

As a Massage therapist and colon hydro therapist I have used a lot of the products and recommended to my clients which has made a huge impact in my and their lives thank you for the amazing products that provide such life changing results

Milagros Leon

Great Products

I tried the Iodine and felt so energized.

Andres Montejo

Katherine Merritt

“After just a few months of taking Nutritional Products, my chronic respiratory infection ended and my health was restored. I now feel rejuvenated, with renewed energy, and am enjoying life again.”

Katherine Merritt

Sally Thompson

“My friends and family are as excited as I am about my improved health and stamina. Within the first month of taking Green Pearls Nutritional Products, my years of suffering from chronic health problems had been eliminated. Finally, a product that works.”

Sally Thompson -

Nancy, Andrew and Andrew Jr.

“Our son Andrew, 14 years old, had severe acne, acute blackheads and even boils in his ears. The doctor put him on tetracycline, but nothing helped. As a last resort, we decided to try our son on Blue Green Manna, from Green Pearls. Within 5 days, his serious condition had disappeared! It’s a miracle. After seeing tremendous results with Blue Green Manna, our entire family is now on Blue Green Manna for life! “

Nancy, Andrew and Andrew Jr. - Coral Springs, FL

Teresa B.

“I have a little eight year old autistic boy who has been non-verbal since he was three. I have done many alternative treatments with him and he has made tremendous improvement, but he has always remained non-verbal. The past three months, he has been taking 1 Tablespoon daily of super blue green manna, along with the electrolyte trace minerals, high doses of acidophilus and digestive enzymes. I feel that the super blue green manna has begun to clean up his very toxic blood and in doing so, he has started to repeat words and sound combinations. We are finally able to go to speech therapy, because he’s actually made a connection with the speaking world. The super blue green manna, has also increased his absorption ability, so I am able to give him supplements his body would not tolerate before. Autistic children are chemically toxic and need something very powerful to change their blood quality in order to start their digestive systems functioning properly and ultimately feed their neurotransmitters: the key to making the brain function properly. There are no words to express the joy a mother can have, to see their child acquire expressive language. It is slow, it is a start and we are continuing to nourish his body with super blue green manna. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Teresa B. - Boca Raton, FL

Elka K.

“My life will never be the same. I now have victory over my health and weight and I thank God for Green Pearls Products.”

Elka K. - Palm Springs, CA

Rocky G.

“I was stricken with an auto-immune disease and was unable to walk without a cane. Through Products, I was introduced to the importance of nutritional and mineral care for regaining my health. Now I’m free of prescription drugs and lead a vital, active life.”

Rocky G. - Birmingham, AL

Pete W.

“Dear Crown Wellness, I have Krones disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Only 50% of my heart is functional. I have had problems eating eggs, peanuts, which I love, peanut butter and many other “forbidden foods.” About a year ago, I was introduced to a product called Digest Plus; this product has helped me live a more normal life. My trips to the private room are less and I no longer experience pain, when I eat these “forbidden foods.” Additionally, I have a great deal of energy. What a God send this product has been to me. Thank you Crown Wellness.”

Pete W. - Mount Dora, FL