My Story…

Message from David Black
Health Advocate and Owner, Crown Wellness and son of Leon Black

Frequently when clients call, I’m asked how did I get into the business of CLO2. It’s my hope
that sharing my story will be helpful for those who may be suffering or perhaps making a difficult
medical decision. In addition, it’s my goal to provide natural, high-quality products and current
information as we try to navigate these new and uncertain times. There’s a lot of information
available regarding supplements, including the advice of well-meaning friends. The idea here is
to feel as comfortable as possible when making decisions about your or a loved one’s health.

My father Leon Black died in 1991 from melanoma. A dark spot first appeared on his shoulder,
and doctors recommended surgery. My father believed in the medical model and it was an easy
decision for him to make.  It seemed innocent enough, it was the best they had to offer at the
time and everyone was confident it would be successful.  After the surgery, I remember Dad
asking the surgeon what he could do to prevent the cancer from coming back.  The Dr. said,
“We cut wide margins and so you should be good to go. Nothing more is needed.” We all
breathed a sigh of relief; Dad was going to be fine.

But as you may have guessed, the dreaded moment came again two years later.   Dad was
driving my mother to dinner and at a stop light, he passed out. This time the doctors said he
needed heart surgery, and a pacemaker was scheduled. No one thought to update his cancer
markers, that information wasn’t available back then. However, Dad had the presence to ask for
a scan, and the news was grim, the cancer had spread to his brain and now had an agenda. It
was time for hard core chemo and radiation.

The battle began and they hit his body with all the artillery available and that’s when my Dad
began to die. I stood by helplessly, praying there must be something else that could be done!  It
was horrible for family and friends to watch him go from an active, successful lawyer to a shell
of a man and so quickly.  I confronted the treating oncologist and they dismissed my concerns.
They were following protocol, period, end of conversation.  Dad agreed to an experimental
monoclonal study he wasn’t even a candidate for; he had just turned 63 and knew he was on
borrowed time.

But… I had these friends that were doing cutting edge stuff out in California and I purchased
airline tickets for Dad and I to fly out to meet with them. To his credit, he heard me out, not
saying no, but not saying yes either. Looking back, I understand he was simply afraid to go
outside the medical model. He trusted them.

This was my first step into the alternative healing world, I kept thinking if I could help my Dad,
maybe others could be helped too. It couldn’t be any worse than what was happening to him.
Time was not our friend and when Dad’s white blood cells continued to drop, the decision was
made to stop all treatments and so we never boarded that plane to California.

How deeply I know that lonely place, the family was not always on the same page with
treatment options, making painful decisions to treat or not to treat all the more difficult.

Once my Dad passed, I understood there must be others like our family who lost a loved one
way too soon. When the treatment is worse than the disease, there has to be better options
besides chemo and radiation.  It became my passion to try and find those better options.

So Dad, here I am, offering products that I truly believe may have helped you.  Yes, I know it’s
risky, but the idea of one more day with you makes it all worth it.

Your son David.

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