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Clinic’s Choice Electrolyte Trace Minerals- 16 fluid ounces

Clinic’s Choice Electrolyte Trace Minerals- 16 fluid ounces- Back by popular demand- essential for the optimal functioning of the Body’s Immune & Hormonal Systems.  Liquid Minerals help carry the Life Force by rapid absorption into the blood cells for healthier blood. Good for-  Energy, clarity, focus, Immune & Hormonal support.

Rooted Apothecary Body Butter (250 mg)

Rooted Apothecary Body Butter (250 mg)- Hemp extract with Essential Oils, safe & gentle.  Good for anti-aging, moisturizer for skin or after sun recovery.

Rooted Apothecary CBD/Hemp Oil (500 m 1 ounce)

Rooted Apothecary CBD/Hemp Oil (500 m 1 ounce)  “CBD is the new multivitamin”.  It supports the endocannabinoid system (receptor cells in the brain, gut & immune system et. al.), giving the body the right nutritional building blocks for Optimal Health. Great for ADD, anxiety, depression, auto-immune disorders, anti-inflammatory

Youngevity Sweet Eze (120 capsules)

Youngevity Sweet Eze (120 capsules)- Blood Sugar support with Chromium et. al..  Take one per meal to help control sugar cravings & support stable blood sugar.  Also helpful for diabetics as it helps open the receptor cells to the pancreas, as they have become desensitized from too much sugar & carbs… Good For-  Sugar Cravings, Blood sugar support- anti-inflammatory.