About Clinic’s Choice™

We have been distributing all natural supplements since the early 90’s and enjoy enriching the lives of others through better health. We have recently added our new Clinic’s Choice Professional Line of Supplements available to our wholesale clients. During many years of research and careful design, our team of dedicated health care professionals and researchers, have brought to us the finest supplements to address today’s challenging health conditions. Please read a few of our testimonials. If you have any question please feel free to contact us anytime. Interested in becoming a wholesale distributor? Sign up today at Wholesale Distribution. Thank you for visiting us and we hope to see you again soon.

Our Philosophy

Leviticus 17:11- “For the Life of the flesh is in the blood

Our philosophy as Health Advocates is quite simple- your blood pumps from your head to your toes over 200 times a day. If you keep your blood Healthy, it keeps your organs Healthy, the Body works from the inside out, so it also keeps your hair, skin, & nails Healthy.

There are three major Tenets to Holistic Health

1.) The Body has an amazing ability to Heal itself– cancer and most chronic degenerative diseases are not only preventable but also reversible. Our bodies naturally make millions of new blood cells (red, white, T-cells, lymphocytes et. al.). My personal belief (and unfortunately my Dad died of cancer over 27 years ago), is that cancer begins in the blood; when the blood gets too toxic it typically goes to the weak link which is usually the prostate in men &the breast in women.

If someone has cancer it is true that the bad cells have overtaken the good ones. We use natural supplements to stimulate the good cells to overtake the bad. For example, Renew Me (from blue-green algae) is a multi-mineral that helps stimulate Healthy white blood cells, which even traditional medicine believes is your immune system’s first line of defense.

2.) The 7 Generations Affect believes that God designed all species to live 7 times the age they reach peak physical maturity. For example, my pups at home are fully grown at two- should live to be 14, usually live to at least 12 or 13 years old. We as humans are fully developed at eighteen, should live to be 126.

The reason I believe this is the Titicaca’s, Hunza’s & Himalayan”s people routinely live into their 120’s (or at least 110’s); typically die in their sleep of natural causes. There is little to no incidence of cancer or heart disease.

Why is this- the Himalayan’s, for example, drink natural water from the mountains that is so cloudy, they call it glacial milk because it has a lot of the minerals the Body needs to be Healthy which we can’t get from our water (or food)- because of soil depletion, and environmental factors etc. Doesn’t mean you should eat poorly, but this is why we should take supplements to stay “optimally healthy”.

3.) The Body is a triad of the physical, spiritual; psycho-emotional– it is like a
3-legged stool & if any of these things are out of whack for long- the whole
thing comes tumbling down. We can help direct you on these fronts as well.
Think of us as a natural form of Immunotherapy. Traditional medicine does a great job in an acute crisis care situation like a bad car accident or if I blow my knee out skiing. Unfortunately, they do a really lousy job with a chronic degenerative disease because they are a reactive Science- they wait till you are sick to do something.

The key to Optimal Health is to not get sick, practice the proverbial ounce of
prevention versus the pound of cure- be proactive, not reactive.