CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Anti-inflammatory (2 oz.)

  • CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Anti-inflammatory (2 oz.) is a safe, stable, inorganic compound of oxygen and chlorine-containing ingredients in a colorless and odorless aqueous medium. A function of CL O2 is to release chlorine dioxide.

B Complete®

B Complete liquid B vitamin complex. Boost energy levels naturally by adding a sugar free dose of the 5 most important b vitamins to your diet.

Systemic Formulas Fung DX (60 caps)

Systemic Formulas Fung DX (60 caps)- there's a fungus among us- strong herbal formula most anything fungal (yeast, mold etc.)

E3Live Renew Me/B.G. Algae (300 caps – 800 mg.)

E3 Renew Me-Blue Green Algae (300 veggie caps- 800 mg each)- increases energy, circulation- stimulates brain activity, joint flexibility & strengthens the immune system.

E3 Probiotic (30 veggie caps- 50 billion viable units per cap)

E3 Probiotic (30 veggie caps- 50 billion viable units per cap)- Helps maintain healthy intestinal flora.

Brain On E3 Live- (240 veggie caps)

E3 Live- Brain On (240 veggie caps)- turn the "Brain On", helps increase focus & clarity, manage stress & maintain a healthy mood balance.

Diatomaceous Earth powder (DE)- 2.5 lbs.

Diatomaceous Earth powder (DE)- 2.5 lbs. all natural food grade- 84% Silica which when in the bloodstream, allows for increased absorption of the other things you are taking.

Iodine Detoxified (1/2 oz)

Iodine Detoxified (1/2 oz) - One of four essential elements the body needs daily to be Healthy- good for the thyroid & energy.

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